What I’m Reading…

15 04 2010

I’ve got a few going at the moment:

  • Norman Doidge’s The Brain That Changes Itself, which is unputdownable. The title is perfect: absolutely transparent – that’s what the book is about. Apart from the content, Doidge has a way with words, especially metaphors. I’ll come back to this book down the track, when I’ve read some more.
  • Joanne Fedler’s When Hungry Eat, which I am reviewing  for SMH Spectrum. Word of warning: it is NOT (just another) diet book.
  • Kitty Kelley’s Oprah. A Biography, which in answer to your question “why?”, because the Foreword suggests that to know Oprah is to know America, and that is a very worthwhile endeavour. I’m not quite facile enough to know that it’s all this simple – Oprah=America – but a few nuggest of insight never went astray.