Top New Words 2011 – an early peep

1 01 2012

New Year. New words. I thought it an apt way to begin January 2012.

This time of year is when lexicographers the world over get their knickers in a knot seeking to decide on the best new words of the past year. I’m writing a piece on this for The Sydney Morning Herald, to be published in a few weeks.

Here are some early hopefuls:

devo  – shortened form of “devastated”

brill – shortened form of “brilliant”

occupy – as in “Occupy Wall Street”

dairyness – a measurement of a cow’s overall productivity in terms of milk.

slashy – a person who holds down more than one job eg actor/waiter/construction worker.

japas – tapas-style Japanese food

PIGS – acronym for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain – seen as weak economies in the Eurozone.

soy cap intelligensia – a more contemporary version of “chardonnay socialist”, a collective derogatory term  for a group of people with socio-economic views unlikely to impact on their own lifestyles.

This is merely a random sampling. Be prepared for the onslaught of published new words in the media through Jan/Feb 2012.



3 responses

1 01 2012
Gary Birch

Look forward to the article when it appears in the SMH

1 01 2012

cheers Gary!!

7 01 2012

Echo Mr. Birch!

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