Bill Smoothing

16 07 2010

Remember Bill Posters?  He of the inclination to deface walls and billboarding. You don’t see him much these days, but in my youth he was well known for his trespassing.

Well, I’ve just discovered, he has a cousin – Bill Smoothing.

Only joking… here’s a definition of “bill smoothing” from my Energy Provider’s website:

Bill Smoothing is a payment plan that helps you balance your budget by spreading the estimated total cost of your yearly energy bills across equal monthly instalments. You will continue to receive bills as normal, with automatic payments debited from your bank account, credit union, building society or credit card … each month.

Makes sense, especially in the current climate of mounting energy costs. You end up paying the same of course, but by “smoothing” out your payments, it’s more manageable. One big quarterly payment certainly isn’t “smooth”. I’d say very rough indeed.




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