12 07 2010

Apparently, Mark Twain, famous American writer (think Huck Finn) and aphorist, said the following:

When red-haired people are above a certain social grade, their hair is auburn.

redhead matchbox imageThe question then becomes, will new Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard turn auburn or stay a redhead?

Meanwhile, everything redheaded seems to be catching the news. For example, here’s one outlet that has 41 pictures of famous redheads – including the iconic matchbox.

Meanwhile too, we’re awash with other words for redhead:

for example:

bloodnut, ranga, ginga, blue and coppertop

A blogger who specialises in the language of naming devotes an entire post to the term ranga, which apparently derives from orangutan, but this may or may not be true.




One response

12 07 2010

Fist of all, I don’t think the social grade has anything to do with hair color…, but after Mark Twain’s opinion it is indeed a very apropriate question!

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