18 05 2010

The other day on Masterchef, I heard one of the judges/comperes  (which by the way is not the same as a compeer)  refer to one of the contestants as a chefee. He said it rather than wrote it, so I can’t know if he meant it with the double f or not. So I googled both, and either way the pickings were slim but cheffee was more popular.  Now a cheffee clearly is a trainee chef – another one of those -ee-suffixed words (eg employee,nominee, interviewee, amputee, absentee etc), very appropriate to Masterchef. And with such TV shows becoming so popular, we can expect cheffee to explode onto the stage and then off the stage and into dictionaries before too long.

One finding for my trouble was – a nice little recipe site which, one might infer, offers recipes of the not-too-hard category. I mean, none of that Masterchef  potato puree where the  spuds (+butter+milk+cream) get rubbed vigorously through a sieve to produce amazing-looking (and no doubt, amazing-tasting) mash. But hey, at the end of the day, it’s still mash, isn’t it? Yummy, bad for you (high GI, portion-defying). But yeah, sigh, yummy.




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22 05 2010

I heard it on Masterchef too! I wondered if it was a new word – lovely to find the answer here on your blog.

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