Teaching and Learning

28 04 2010

An article in today’s  Sydney Morning Herald , by Ross Gittins, deals with the vexatious problem of prison reform. But it starts off much wider:

” Modern politicians have become so adept at monitoring public opinion that they’ve developed a preference for wanting to be seen fixing problems rather than to actually fix them. They purport to fix problems by doing whatever the punters and media commentators imagine should be done rather than what the experts say is worth doing.

You can see this in Kevin Rudd’s approach to healthcare reform. He sees the problem primarily in terms of fixing hospitals. Why? Because that’s the way the punters see it.” (p.13)

Same could be said of education and the school system. Government by punter, the curse of demoncracy, means that politicians look for quick-fix solutions that will be up and done with and available for viewing well before the next election. Just think of the insulation debacle, as was clear from this week’s Four Corners episode.  Poorly thought out, driven by myopia, senior bureacrats ignoring the advice of experts. End result: death, injury, and all-round economic  fiasco. Education deserves  better.




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